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Frutansil Ltda. (LLC) is an agroindustrial company founded in 1995. It is devoted to processed fruit trading for several markets, and provides packing services with process lines, refigeration in cold stores, and transportation.

Frutansil supplies traders, agoindustries, cafeterias, and specially supermarkets with fresh fruit, fruit for juice, and frozen pulp. It supplies the main supermarket chains in Chile.

The alliance with our fruit producers allows us to have the best of their produce, which we take to consumers with that quality seal we aim for. In doing so, we reap the best fruits, and respect the environment and our workers, a corporate identity that becomes our great competitive advantage.

To increase our production capacity, and to target foreign markets with our products, Frutansil develops since 2020 a new expansion project, which includes an increase of staff, and investment in technology and infrastructure.

Our main facilities are located in a 30,000 square meter lot, on the kilometer 0.2 of Road to Zapallar, within meters of International Highway South 5.

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Frutansil    |    Mission & Vision    |    Quality Policy    |    Social Responsibility


To supply supermarkets, agroindustries, and distribution centers with fresh fruit, working seriously and responsibly all along the productive chain, so as to deliver a product with high levels of quality.


To position in the national and international market due to our quality seal, by means of innovating the offer of product, services, and processes.


Our values are based on honesty, effort, social responsibility, and —above all— professionalism and commitment to our clients.

Quality Policy

Frutansil always delivers an innocuous product, with high quality standards, by making sure our suppliers, both of raw materials and inputs, follow the quality protocols and environmental requirements.

Frutansil also gives its workers a safe environment, keeping appropriate working conditions that imply tidiness and hygiene in all its processes, from harvest in the orchards to delivery to the final consumer.

Frutansil    |    Mission & Vision    |    Quality Policy    |    Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Frutansil is strongly commited to its community, positively contributing to it and its environment. Likewise, we frequently generate improvements for our workers and their families, creating a corporate culture of real commitent with internal and external public, responding to needs and invitations of the Government, and commited to a comprehensive care of the environment.

Participation in Trading Fair in China, Asia

Invited by ProChile, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Chile.

Disability Employment Stimulus Prize

Awarded by Asociación Chilena de Seguridad, ACHS (Chilean Safety Association) for the social contribution in productive placement of people with disabilities.

Colaboration with COANIL

Frutansil has partnered with COANIL (a Chilean nonprofit organization) to create instances of employment for people with intellectual disabilities.

Contribution and Sponsorship of CDP Curicó Unido

Local soccer club, currently in the Premier League of Chilean soccer, member of the National Soccer Association (ANFP), a FIFA member.

Corporate dinners and events

Events, award ceremonies, and Christmas parties with all plant staff.

Construction of Giant Nativity Scene in Christmas Season

Including water fall, lights, image projection, and giant posters, fostering the Christmas spirit and hope among the families that appreciated the art work.

Social Integration Programs Development

Aimed at people serving time, developed with Gendarmería de Chile (Chiliean national prison guards institution).

Support for local and international charities

Fostering values such as solidarity, companionship, and commitment.

Migrant Integration

Frutansil has hired migrants as permanent staff from Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, and Dominican Republic.

"Have an Apple" Campaign

Frutansil took part on the campaign giving apples in schools within the 9 communes of Curicó Province, Maule Region.

Support for Mataquito High School Entrepreneurial Area

Liaison and colaboration with the institutional programs for entrepreneurial spirit development.

Frutansil    |    Mission & Vision    |    Quality Policy    |    Social Responsibility